Carl Fahringer

Art agency Gerald Weinpolter purchases quality paintings from Carl Fahringer.

Detailed information about Carl Fahringer (Wiener Neustadt 1874 - 1952 Wien:

Carl Fahringer was born in 1874 in Wiener Neustadt.
From 1892 to 1898 the painter studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Among others, his teacher was Sigmund L'Allemand. From 1898 to 1902 Carl Fahringer was a disciple of C. v. Marr at the Academy of Arts in Munich. He was a member of the Hagenbund (1903-1905) and joined the Künstlerhaus in 1907. He worked in Russia as a war painter as well as in Italy between 1914 and 1918. From 1929 to 1945 he taught at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts where he also led a painting master class. Carl Fahringer went on several study trips to Africa, Java, Bali and Sumatra to name a few. He was fascinated by the the foreign fauna and the different landscapes. At first an animal painter and book illustrator, he moved towards a personally characterised impressionism. Common motives are flower and animal markets and the artist's most important achievements are his animal paintings. In these works, he focused on the depiction of exotic predators. In addition his work comprises, numerous oriental watercolours as well as portraits. Today Fahringer, together with Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel, is ranked among the most important and original Austrian animal painters of the 20th century.
Carl Fahringer died in 1952 in Vienna.

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