Emil Strecker

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Detailed information about Emil Strecker (Dresden 1841 - 1925 Dürnstein an der Donau:

The genre and landscape painter at first was a disciple of the sculptor Julius Hähnel at the Academy of Dresden. In addition he studied painting under Ludwig Richter. He was awarded a study trip to Rome and subsequently stayed three more years in Italy where he seriously started painting. After he had left Italy, he studied painting in Vienna and Düsseldorf under Heinrich von Angeli and Wilhelm Sohn, respectively.
Emil Strecker moved to Vienna at the beginning of the 1880s. As a member of the Vienna "Künstlerhaus" he exhibited regulary there, for instance at the annual exhibition of Vienna in 1895 where, for the first time, his Wachau paintings were shown.
From 1900 Emil Strecker was a member of the Hagenbund and in 1919 he founded the artists' association "Wachauer Künstlerbund". He eventually settled in Duernstein, near the Danube.
First exclusively a genre painter, Emil Strecker was very successful with his paintings mainly depicting peasant life:
among his buyers was for instance the Austrian imperial family who almost yearly acquired one of his paintings. However, he reached his artistic climax with his later works: influenced by impressionism, Emil Strecker transformed into a landscape painter and became a model for many young artists such as Siegfried Stoitzner. The landscape and architecture of Duernstein often are the models of his colourful Wachau paintings.

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