Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

Art agency Gerald Weinpolter purchases quality paintings from Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller.

Detailed information about Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller (Wien 1793 - 1865 Hinterbrühl bei Wien:

From 1807 to 1813 the landscape, portrait and still life painter studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under H. Maurer. From 1811 to 1813 Ferdinand Georg Waldmueller worked as a drawing teacher for Lord Ignaz Gyulai's children in Agram. He married the singer Katharina Weidner in 1814 and consequently worked as a scenery designer and portrait painter at his wife's various engagements in Baden, Bruenn and Prague until he returned to Vienna in 1917.
Ferdinand Georg Waldmueller went on trips to Italy and Paris and later regularly visited Austria's Salzkammergut to study the landscape. In 1851 he married is second wife, the 25-year-old Anna Bayer.
Ferdinand Georg Waldmueller participated in various exhibitions, such as the world exhibition in Paris and the International Exhibition in London. In 1846 and 1857 he published two papers criticising the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, in particular its teaching methods as well as the collection of its gallery which lead to his forced retirement. Due to financial problems Ferdinand Georg Waldmueller sold a great number of his paintings at an auction in Vienna's "Salon Löscher". A little later, his pension was raised by the emperor himself.
Ferdinand Georg Waldmueller was mainly interested in the life of peasants. In his portraits, he represents his models without any smoothing over or idealising. He seems to choose the scenes for his landscape paintings haphazardly.

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