Friedrich von Amerling

Art agency Gerald Weinpolter purchases quality paintings from Friedrich von Amerling.

Detailed information about Friedrich von Amerling (Wien 1803 - 1887 Wien:

Friedrich von Amerling was born on the 14 April 1803 in Vienna where he lived until the 15 January 1887.
Amerling first illuminated maps and cooperplate engravings. From 1816 to 1824 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. His teachers were H. Maurer and C. Gsellhofer. The following two years he was J. Bergler Jr's student at the Academy of Prague.
In 1827/28 he stayed in London where, influenced by the famous painter Th. Laurence, he started painting portraits. In the following years Amerling visited France, Italy (Rome), Germany and the Netherlands.
For his paintings "Dido auf dem Scheiterhaufen" and "Moses in der Wüste" he received the Academy Prize. he created his most important works after 1840. In his times Friedrich von Amerling was mainly famous for his portraits.

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