Hugo Charlemont

Art agency Gerald Weinpolter purchases quality paintings from Hugo Charlemont.

Detailed information about Hugo Charlemont (Jamnitz, Mähren 1850 - 1939 Wien:

From 1873 on Hugo, son of the painter Matthias Adolf Charlemont and father of Lilly Charlemont, studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. His teachers were the famous Eduard Peithner von Lichtenfels and W. Unger. Later on the painter was a student of his elder brother Eduard and of Hans Makart. He went on several study trips to the Netherlands and lived in Venice for a couple of years.
The landscape, still life, genre and portrait painter was said to be a multi-talent while still alive:
Togther with his famous impressionist landscapes he also painted huge still lives, pieces of fruit and flowers as well as animals, portraits and the interiors of Austria's large scale industry. He used technic such as oil, watercolour and guasch.

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