Hugo Darnaut

Art agency Gerald Weinpolter purchases quality paintings from Hugo Darnaut.

Detailed information about Hugo Darnaut (Dessau 1851 - 1937 Merkenstein, Niederösterreich:

Hugo Darnaut was born in Dessau and grew up in Graz. From 1871 to 1872 he studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. His teacher was E. Peithner v. Lichtenfels. Before, he had been apprentice to the court set painter H. Burghart. In Duesseldorf. There he stayed form 1873 to 1876, he was student of Andreas Achenbach, R. Meyerheim and J. Wortmann.
Subsequently Hugo Darnaut worked as a painter in Vienna, closely connected to Tina Blau, Robert Russ and Emil-Jakob Schindler. In 1877 he became a member of the Vienna Kuenstlerhaus over which he presided from 1913 to 1918. In 1895 he was a disciple of G. Schoenleber in Karlsruhe. From 1876 on he lived permanently in Vienna. In 1893, after the death of his friend Schindler, he rented a castle, Schloss Plankenberg, near Sieghartskirchen. There Hugo Darnaut taught until 1912.
Atmospheric landscape paintings, with motives from Upper and Lower Austria and the Tyrol, are characteristic for Darnaut.

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