Josef Danhauser

Art agency Gerald Weinpolter purchases quality paintings from Josef Danhauser.

Detailed information about Josef Danhauser (Wien 1804 - 1845 Wien:

Joseph Danhauser was born on the 18. August 1804 in Vienna. Since the year of 1824 he studied at the Wiener Akademie and was a student of Peter Krafft. 1826 he visited on behalf of the poet Ladislaus Pyrker Venice. After his father's decease in 1829 Joseph Danhauser took over his father's furniture factory for which he was a drawer for the following years. Inspired by english paintings Josepf Danhauser had concetrated on painting from 1836 to 1840. In those years his very known genrepaintings were created. From the years 1840 to 1842 Joseph Danhauser was a Professor at the Akademie in Vienna. In 1842 he travelled to Netherlands. He died in 1845 in Vienna.

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