Josef Dobrowsky

Art agency Gerald Weinpolter purchases quality paintings from Josef Dobrowsky.

Detailed information about Josef Dobrowsky (Karlsbad, Böhmen 1889 - 1964 Wien:

Josef Dobrowsky was a portrait, landscape and genre painter. He first studied at the "Kunstgewerbeschule" in Vienna. From 1906 to 1919 he studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. His teachers were Christian Griepenkerl and Rudolf Bacher. The artist had to interrupt his studies twice: in the years 1911/1912 and during world war I (1914-1918). In 1919 Josef Dobrowsky joined the Vienna Secession. Since 1934 he had also been a member of the Prague Secession. From 1946 to 1963 he was professor of painting at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. The artist received the Great Austrian State Prize (1937), the Golden State Medal (1932) and the Prize of the City of Vienna (1945).
Josef Dobrowsky focused on portrait and landscape painting. Usually an expressive or melancholy atmosphere prevails in his pictures.
From 1918 to 1931 Josef Dobrowsky expressed his artistic intentions in his "diaries".
His pictures are exhibited in numerous Austrian as well as foreign museums.

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