Karl Truppe

Art agency Gerald Weinpolter purchases quality paintings from Karl Truppe.

Detailed information about Karl Truppe (Radsberg 1887 - 1959 Klagenfurt:

Karl Truppe was a portrait, genre, landscape and still life painter as well as a passionate musician. At first he was influenced by the circle of painters around Ludwig and Josef Willroider in Viktring (Austria). Later he studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (1905-1913). His teacher was Alois Delug. During the first world war Karl Truppe was sent to Galicia as an officer but also was a war painter there, depicting the soldiers' daily routine with much warmth. From 1917 to 1937 he lived in Bruenn, then in Stuttgart and occasionally in Florence. In 1945 he settled in his home village Viktring near Klagenfurt. While travelling to Berlin, Paris, Italy and the USA he thoroughly studied the works of the past masters. In 1938 he became professor of the Academy of Dresden. While staying there, he reached his artistic climax. Karl Trupp was impressed by the dutch painters' use of light-dark contrasts. Their influence can be seen in the artist's still lives. The founder and director of the Society of Art Lovers in Klagenfurt was awarded renowned prizes such as the Rome Prize (1914).

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