Maximilian Oppenheimer

Art agency Gerald Weinpolter purchases quality paintings from Maximilian Oppenheimer.

Detailed information about Maximilian Oppenheimer (Wien 1885 - 1954 New York:

Maximilian Oppenheimer, also known under the pseudonym "Mopp", was a landscape, genre, portrait and still life painter. In addition he was a graphic designer and a writer. From 1900 to 1903 he studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under C. Griepenkerl and S. L'Allemand. Until 1906 he was a disciple of Franz Thiele at the Academy in Prague. The artist went on study trips to France, the Netherlands and Italy and lived in Berlin from 1911 to 1915. The following years he lived by turns in Zurich, Genf, Vienna and Bern until he eventually emigrated to New York. In 1925 Maximilian Oppenheimer was awarded the Austrian State Prize, from 1935 on he was a member of the Vienna Secession.
Maximilian Oppenheimer initially belonged to the circle of the Viennese Expressionists and was decisively influenced by Futurism but also by French Cubism and Vincent Van Gogh.Especially in those paintings where he attempted to transfrom sounds into colours a tendency to abstraction becomes obvious.
With a particular interest his models' psychological features, he painted portraits of Heinrich and Thomas Mann, Arnold Schönberg, Peter Altenberg and Arthur Schnitzler.

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