Otto Rudolf Schatz

Art agency Gerald Weinpolter purchases quality paintings from Otto Rudolf Schatz.

Detailed information about Otto Rudolf Schatz (Wien 1900 - 1961 Wien:

From 1915-1918 he studied at the "Wiener Kunstegewerbeschule" under Otto Strnad and Anton Ritter von Kenner. Around 1920 he got a fruitfull contract with Nirenstein, an artedealer. Otto also stood in relation with the gallery Gurlit in Belrin, the german Avalun publishing company and the berlinean bookgild. in 1936/37 he went together with his jewish wife to New York. 1938 he was prohibited to exhibit his works in 1944/45 he was detained at the concentration camp in Bistriz. 1946 he returned to Vienna. From 1924/38 he was a member of the well known "Hagenbund" and "Wiener Secession"
In his early painitngs he was associated more to the expressionism of the time. Afterwards Otto Schatz turned himself towards "Die neue Sachlichkeit", which was an art form containing social criticism.
Oustanding were his strong colorcontrasts, his preferred technic was the woodcut. In which a his predominant motives were the world work and industrialism.

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