Rudolf von Alt

Art agency Gerald Weinpolter purchases quality paintings from Rudolf von Alt.

Detailed information about Rudolf von Alt (Wien 1812 - 1905 Wien:

Rudolf von Alt was born on the 28 August 1812 in Vienna and died in this city on the 12 March 1905. He became apprentice to his father and his brother Franz Alt was also a painter. From 1826 onwards he visited the "Historical School" at Vienna's Academy of Arts. From 1828 onwards Rudolf von Alt travelled accompanied by his father frequently within Austria. Later Rudolf Alt visited Italy, Dalmatia, The Krim, Germany and Belgium. Rudolf von Alt was elected President of the Vienna Künstlerhaus in 1874. 25 years later, in 1897, he was elected Honorary President of the Vienna Secession. He was appointed Titular Professor in 1879 and in 1892 he was raised to the peerage as well as made freeman of Vienna. Several Viennese artists such as Emil Jakob Schindler and Ernst Graner were influenced by Rudolf Alt whose main subjects were architecture and landscape painting.

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