Rudolf Wacker

Art agency Gerald Weinpolter purchases quality paintings from Rudolf Wacker.

Detailed information about Rudolf Wacker (Bregenz 1893 - 1939 Bregenz:

The landscape, still life and portrait painter attended the College for Commercial Drawing in Bregenz. In 1910/11 he studied at the private painting school of Bauer in Vienna and from 1911 to 1914 at the Academy of Art in Weimar under Albin Egger-Lienz and Walter Klemm.
At first a draughtsman and graphic desinger, Rudolf Wacker started painting in 1922 - after his return from Russian captivity and a longer stay in Berlin.
In 1923/24 the artist lived in Vienna and in 1924 he settled in his hometown Bregenz. He was a founding member of the artists' association "Der Kreis" and was in charge of a nude painting class at the trade school in Bregenz from 1936 to 1938. The same year, he suffered from a heart attack while the Gestapo searched his house.
Because of Erich Heckel and his friends Bela Czobel, Wilhelm Herbig, Anton Kerschbaumer and others, Rudolf Wacker had been confronted with expressionism during his time in Berlin. Later Maurice Utrillo strongly influenced the artist who, by the mid-twenties, had developed his own style which was to label him a precursor of "Magic Realism". In the 20s and 30s Rudolf Wacker mainly painted houses and backyards of working-class districts. From the 30s on his paintings lose their magic subtlety: stronger colours are used and the abstract quality of the paintings dominates. Aprat from still lives and nudes Rudolf Wacker also painted masks and dolls.

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