Wilhelm Thöny

Art agency Gerald Weinpolter purchases quality paintings from Wilhelm Thöny.

Detailed information about Wilhelm Thöny (Graz 1888 - 1949 New York:

Wilhelm Thoeny at first was a disciple of the pianist Anna Rosbaud and the opera singer Jessen from Graz. At the same time he studied drawing and painting under Anton Marussig. From 1908 on Wilhelm Thoeny studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts under Gabriel Hackl and Angelo Jank. He was a member of the Munich Secession founded in 1892. In addition he studied music and even received an offer of the Munich Opera House because of his extraordinary voice. However, after thorough reflection, he refused the offer. He was drafted in 1915 and worked as a war painter from 1917 on. In 1918 Wilhelm Thoeny returned to Munich but left for Graz in 1923 because of financial and political reasons. There he founded the Grazer Secession whose members where among others Fritz Silberbauer, Alfred Wickenburg, Axel Leskoschek, Hanns Wagula and Hans Mauracher. In the early thirties Wilhelm Thoeny went on trips to Paris, New York as well as Italy and the South of France. In 1943 he was appointed an honorary member of the Grazer Secession and received the Austrian State Prize. Other awards include the Golden Medal at the world exhibition in Paris for his portrait of Verdier, the archbishop of Paris. In 1938 Wilhelm Thoeny moved to New York together with his wife. Travels to Quebec, Boston, Washington and New Jersey follow. Until his death in 1949 Wilhelm Thoeny participated in numerous American exhibitions and was awarded the "Jennie Sesman Gold Medal" as well as the "John Elliot Memorial Prize".

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